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Product Image Full Throttle Biker Patch by Maya Pixelskaya

Polecats Biker Patch

€25.00 €35.00

"I'm not putting my lips on that"

Thermo-adhesive embroidered biker patch, ready to sew or iron on your favorite jacket! (Instructions below).

Based on the 1995 game Full Throttle, designed by Tim Schafer, and developed by LucasArts. 

Measurements: 25 x 18.5 cm (9.84 x 7.28 inches)


Made in Spain

Photos by Alberto Rivas


Ironing instructions:

  1. Heat up the iron in "cotton" position (110º), and deactivate steam.
  2. Put the garment on the ironing board and place the patch on the desired spot, with the adhesive side in contact with it.
  3. Cover the patch with a cotton cloth.
  4. Press with the iron for 30 seconds. Pay special attention to the edges.
  5. Make sure the patch is attached; otherwise repeat step 4.
  6. Do not use the garment until it's completely cold (3 to 5 minutes).


  • Check the manufacturer's label.
  • Do not apply to synthetic fabrics (sew it instead).
  • To ensure the durability of the patch on the garment, sew a few stitches.


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